Spring Break

Quick Taxol update: I feel better overall than I did on AC, although I have minor, annoying side effects like dry eyes and nosebleeds and sore nail beds.  I never realized how much I use my thumb nails.  Tasks like removing the plastic seal from a bottle are suddenly impossible.

But there's no time for side effects.  It's spring break.  Hooray, nine straight days with my children!  Except for when I'm at chemo, because every mom needs a little "me" time.  Julia has informed me that all of her classmates are on super fun vacations, like skiing in Colorado and frolicking in the Caribbean.  My children are so deprived.  So I put them in the car and we drove to the middle of nowhere (an unpaved dirt path called Old Potato Road) to attend the Sherwood Forest Faire.  Jousting, archery, and costumed weirdos speaking in fake Old English accents.

As a reward for being mom of the year, I ordered myself some fun presents.  Check out my new pill bag from Emily McDowell.  She is a cancer survivor / entrepreneur, and I love her empathy cards so much that I bought myself one.  Is that sad?  Maybe.

I also got this free t-shirt from my doctor's office -- just for having cancer!  Between that and the $5 Starbucks gift card I received for filling out a questionnaire on breast cancer and fertility, this whole cancer diagnosis is really starting to pay off.


  1. Keep your spirits up, thinking about you and your family every day. Love Uncle Dan and Ryan

  2. Glad you’re getting in that me time! How was Sherwood?

    1. Pineapple ice cream was the highlight according to the girls.

  3. Any place at the end of Old Potato Road has got to be worth checking out. Good choice!


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