Chemo #6

I had my second dose of Taxol yesterday.  The Taxol takes several hours to administer.  The nurse pushes it faster each time and watches me for a bad reaction.  My right hand is covered in itchy spots, but that could just be from dry skin.  (I've resorted to sleeping with gloves on over hand cream.) 

Keep in mind that I'm attempting to keep my hands frozen the entire time I'm getting Taxol.  Jeff brought me a cooler bag full of frozen gloves and a half-dozen ice packs, and I went through them all.  We tried playing Yahtzee but it's hard to roll dice with frozen fingers, so I slept off the Benadryl and Jeff was bored.

Only 10 more to go!         


  1. You can do it! And once I finish torturing myself pretending to do art, I’ll come help you stay frozen again!

  2. Hey Jami it’s Fayruz. I’ve had you on my mind. You’re doing amazing! I am so impressed you attended the SXSW YSC events. I finished Taxol on 3/8 and aaa able to go on a trip with our family and another family with who we are very close. It was healing to be in a place that felt like paradise. But no matter I wasn’t me. I began AC on Friday 3/29 and it has definitely been a doozie when it comes to wiping out energy. You are such an inspiration! I’m rooting for you🙌🏽💗

    1. Thanks Fayruz! That's great that you got to go on vacation. Good luck with the AC. It's only 4! You can do it. I highly recommend getting IV hydration in the off-weeks. I think it helped me feel better.


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