Chemo #4: Last AC!

In my negotiations with Jeff yesterday, I traded a ride to chemo for not having to do Claire's bath.  Totally worth it!  Gordon (4.93 stars) had the privilege of driving me to chemo this morning and told me to hang in there (I was sporting a leopard head scarf and was headed to TX Oncology, so he put two and two together).   

My oncology office has the world's slowest elevator.  I'm estimating that the average cancer patient spends hours waiting for those elevator doors to open during the course of their treatment.  The alternative is taking the stairs, but the stairway is decorated with medical study results, and at exactly eye level is the blown-up chart heading "Months Until Death."  My solution?  Run up the stairs with your eyes closed!

Anyway, I made it to the infusion room in one piece.  My blood work looked great despite my chronic cough, so I got my last dose of The Red Devil.  This picture is actually from two weeks ago because today's nurse wasn't super friendly, but it gives you a lovely view of the toxins entering my blood stream.

I'm looking forward to switching up my side effects.  Trading in nausea for neuropathy.  Woo-hoo!

In two weeks, I may even be able to eat spicy food again!  I shed a tear when I see my bottle of Crystal hot sauce collecting dust in the back corner of the pantry.  I ate my favorite take-out meal without Sriracha and it was heartbreakingly bland.  I hear that Taxol makes everything taste like metal, but spicy metallic curry sounds pretty good right now.

Since I'm graduating from AC, I put together my survival tips:
  • Hydrate as much as you can before the nausea sets in
  • Have meals ready to go in the fridge
  • Set up a cozy spot with everything you need nearby: medications, snacks, beverages, peppermint gum, and ginger chews
  • Don't waste your time with queasy drops; instead, buy the insanely potent ginger chews like Prince of Peace
  • Wear loose clothing (surprisingly helpful for nausea)
  • Make sure you keep a full stomach!
  • Take your drowsy-inducing nausea medication early and sleep as long as you can
  • Keep hydrating (I like to mix plain water with WTRMLN WTR + ginger)
  • Go into your doctor's office for extra IV fluids the following week
  • Neulasta is wonderful but I prefer the shot rather than the patch (I had a patch fail once)
  • Rinse your mouth with baking soda and warm salt water to prevent mouth sores
  • For the first week, save your energy for the important things (like playing superheroes with your kids and rewatching Game of Thrones)
  • Right before your next AC, plan a fun workout / date night / girls' outing


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