Insomnia and Plastic Surgeons

On Thursday morning, Claire asked if we could go hiking.  Still feeling the effects of chemo, I said sure.  We headed to the Greenbelt and made it all the way to Twin Falls and back.  She wore a panda backpack full of jingle bells.

That evening, I read the entire website and looked at graphic surgery photos.  Then I lay awake in bed for six hours until it was time to wake Julia for school.  Exhausted, I yelled at her for being irresponsible and losing her yellow jacket, and then Jeff found it hanging on the hook where it always is, and I burst into tears.  Luckily coffee fixes everything.

That morning, Jeff and I headed to another plastic surgery consult.  This particular surgeon specializes in flap reconstruction.  In fact she refuses to offer implants to patients receiving radiation due to the high failure rate.  I've been concerned that I don't have enough tissue for flap surgery, but she squeezed my thighs through my jeans and told me not to worry.

I must be stressed because my TMJ is acting up and my jaw has been partially locked for a week.  I have to eat popcorn one piece at a time instead of in giant handfuls.  It's awful and time consuming.

More bad news: my eyebrows have thinned out.  As soon as thick eyebrows come back in style!  I had to purchase my first brow pencil -- the Anastasia brow wiz -- and color them in.  Annoyingly, those stray eyebrow hairs that I pluck anyway are hanging on for dear life.



  1. I slept fine.

    Claire was apparently under the impression that something exciting happens at the destination of the hike. I think a restaurant? Anyway, slightly disappointed it was only beautiful nature, waterfalls, and a wading stream.

  2. You’re a bad ass hiking with your girl. Maybe you should go do a float tank or something to relax?


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