Wig Drama

Before I started chemo, I dragged Jeff to Serenity Wig Salon to help me choose a nice, normal-looking wig.  I didn't want the hassle of maintaining a human hair wig, so I asked for a high-quality synthetic one.  They all felt strange, but eventually we settled on a shoulder-length, wavy, golden brown wig.  I picked it up ten days later, and it's been sitting in my closet ever since.

Turns out I unknowingly purchased a permatease wig, designed to add volume and lift.  I thought it would lay flatter when I was bald, but no such luck.  I had to go back to the wig store today and tell them I felt like a character on the TV show Dallas.  They were understanding and let me exchange my disastrous selection for a hand-tied wig with no teasing at the crown.  The store happened to have this reddish-brown color in stock so I walked out with the wig on my head.  Crisis resolved.

Julia said this wig is "much better" and pointed out that the Instacart delivery guy probably didn't even know I had cancer.  We'll call that a win.

I am also building up quite a collection of wigs purchased from Amazon in late-night retail therapy sessions.  With cheaper synthetic wigs, the fake-looking part gives it away, but luckily I'm tall.  And I can always throw on a baseball hat.

I got a rainbow wig for Julia and Claire to play with.  Julia has already worn it out and got a compliment from a cool older girl with dyed hair.

Jeff wants me to get a blue wig.  I told him maybe for Valentine's Day.


  1. "Fake-looking part": ah, the "part" from left to right in the hair, not the "part" of the wig that looks fake. Because the part that looks fake would really give it away.

    It was nice of Serenity to do the exchange, which they would normally not do. I swear the old one looked flatter in the demo model you tried on, before they ordered one for you. The one you got was poofy.

    I'm enjoying all the wigs. I'll have to look harder, but I can't tell the difference between the expensive ones and the cheap ones. You can buy lots of cheap ones, to give you choices in the morning. Maybe you'll never go back to icky organic hair.

  2. You look hot tamales in the new wig!!! I dig it!

  3. OMG all your wigs look amazing!!! I think you have found your calling- wig model!!!

  4. Looking good! In my experience, women always seem to want what they don't have: blonde if they're brunette, curly if it's straight, vice versa, etc etc. Now you can have it all, the best of all possible worlds. And you can change it up at the drop of a wig.

  5. They all look so good! It's amazing how much Claire looks like you when you have the blonde wig on.


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