Things I Can't Get Used To

1. Not wearing a black hair elastic around my wrist
2. Saying the word "cancer"
3. Not eating spicy food (my mouth is irritated from chemo)
4. Having a cyborg bump under my skin on my chest
5. Finding the appropriate response when someone compliments my change of hairstyle or tells me I look fantastic (i.e. thinner than I used to be) -- "Thanks, it's the cancer" is what I usually go with
6. Not squeezing my hair at the end of a shower
7. Filling out the symptom review sheet every time I step foot in a doctor's office (Am I experiencing any anxiety?  Hmm, let me think, do I still have cancer?  I check yes every third visit just to keep it interesting.)
8. Going to bed at 9:30pm because I'm too tired to even watch TV
9. Jeff and the girls asking to rub my bald head (Claire likes to ask at inopportune times like when we're standing in a crowded aisle in Target)
10. Sober date nights (we've done every escape game in Austin)


  1. You have to hang out with Jeff without drinking?!?
    Just jokes! Jeff is lovely.

    1. Ha ha. I mourn the loss of spicy food over alcohol.


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