Adventures with Claire

It's been almost two weeks since my first chemo, so today I'm feeling good.  I even did a spin class!  It's hard to explain to Claire that I still have terrible mutant cells inside of me -- she thinks I've been magically healed.  When I got my hair cut shorter in preparation for it falling out, Claire immediately told me, "Your hair's growing back now!  You're all better!"

I purchased an excellent book for Claire called Nowhere Hair about a little girl wondering where her mommy's hair has disappeared to.  The mommy has a different hat for every mood: silly, grumpy, happy.  (And when her mood is confident, she wears no hat.)  This story inspired us to visit Lucy in Disguise, a costume shop on South Congress.  I told Claire that she could pick out a hat for me and tell me what mood it was for.  She immediately got distracted by a bin of plastic swords, but eventually we narrowed it down to these awesome picks:

Claire chose the silver one and calls it my "fancy" hat.  Well, actually, she chose a Darth Vader helmet, but it was too hard to see in that thing.

A friend also knitted me two hats, and amazingly they fit my giant head.  It must've cost her a fortune in yarn.

I expect to be needing these hats in another week or so.  Jeff and I are having a race to see who can go bald first.  He says his hairline is receding in solidarity.  Julia wants my hair for a magic potion she's concocting to travel back in time.  I said sure, since it's a good cause.  She is a little worried that I'll look like a boy without any hair, so I bought some shocking pink lipstick to make her feel better.



  1. Aw...I would have chosen the purple one. It makes you look a little like the Mad Hatter.
    Looking forward to pictures of you ladies in your various wigs.
    Much love, Mom B


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