Mastectomy Surgery, Take Two

You'll be happy to know that my viral illness was short-lived and that I'm now the picture of health, minus that whole cancer thing.  My surgery has been rescheduled for Friday the 26th at 1pm.  I'm ready to get it over with.  I'll probably jump onto the hospital bed and yell, "Let's do the damn thing!"

The surgery takes several hours.  My breast surgeon will perform a unilateral nipple-sparing mastectomy and axillary lymph node dissection, and she'll also remove my port (yay!).  Then my plastic surgeon will place the tissue expander with a sling of Alloderm, otherwise known as human cadaver skin (creepy!).  I'll have 2-3 surgical drains that will stay in for about 2 weeks.

Hair regrowth update: At first I thought it was just lingering peach fuzz, but no, it seems that cancer has struck me in the head and left me with a single white streak of hair like Princess Anna from Frozen.  It's a small circular patch on my left side.  All the rest of my hair is growing in brown.  So weird.  Now if only the King of the Trolls could remove all the bad cancer memories and leave only the fun.

Speaking of fun, last night I took the girls on a bat cruise sponsored by Wonders & Worries.  Claire couldn't find Julia at one point and announced to everyone, "Julia has sank to the bottom of the ocean!"


  1. Wikipedia says: "Alloderm, an acellular dermis derived from the skin of donated cadavers, is used in reconstructive and dental surgeries." Creepy, yes, but at least it's not going in your mouth!


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