One surgery over with!  It took way longer than expected (something about my tissue being wobbly), so Jeff started to panic in the waiting room, but eventually my surgeons came out and said that everything had gone well.  My level III lymph nodes (above my clavicle) felt normal, so my breast surgeon decided not to remove any.  Pathology will come back in a week, and then I'll know exactly how many lymph nodes she removed and how many of those were cancerous.

I stayed one night in the hospital.  My only complaint was that the nurses wouldn't let me eat anything, and I'd been fasting before surgery.  Orange jello is not a food.  I almost kissed the lady who brought me a tray of eggs the next morning.  It was my first meal in 36 hours.

It's nice to be home.  Julia and Claire spent the night at my parents' condo but left me cards and a giant Beanie Boo balloon.  They know me so well!  :)  It's excruciating to move, but Jeff has been an excellent nurse.  He has a spreadsheet to keep track of all my medications, and he changes my bandages and "milks" my blood drains.  Now that's real love.

Note: If this post has any grammatical mistakes, I blame the Oxycodone.


  1. Must be a great relief to have the main surgery over with. You look very well - Jeff must be a good nurse! And you definitely are a badass superhero! I can imagine that the pain is as bad as my knee replacement was. Our bodies don't like having pieces removed, it seems. Go figure. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from all the Schofield clan in Vancouver.

    1. ... including best wishes from Katie too, who I keep forgetting now lives in Victoria. 🤔

  2. You look gorgeous. Because you are a badass super hero. So glad you’re through this big step.


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