Mastectomy Surgery Postponed

I packed up my overnight bag, showered with Hibiclens, and checked in at the hospital this morning, only to have my surgery postponed because of a virus I caught from Claire.  I have a low-grade fever, a sore throat, and a headache.  The biggest risk with a mastectomy is infection, and my plastic surgeon was concerned about my immune system being compromised.  It was a tough call, but he said if it were his wife or sister, he'd postpone.  

So I packed up my stuff, changed out of my hospital gown, and drove home. 

Now we're looking at possibly next Friday?  So much for Julia's carefully planned summer camp schedule.  And getting my drains out the day before my friend comes for a visit.

Although annoying, it was probably the best decision because I feel weak and achy and not at all like kick-ass Mommy Moondragon.

If anyone sent flowers to the hospital, know that there will be a very confused delivery person wandering the hospital hallways.