Chemo #15

I feel lucky that I haven't missed a chemo yet.  Apparently it's unusual to sail through chemo with no delays.  I see other people getting sent home based on their blood tests.  "No toxins for you!"  The nurses will also send you home if your temperature is over 100.  Every time I pick up Claire from preschool, there is at least one kid covered in green snot, so it's pretty freakin' miraculous that I've been healthy throughout the entire winter and spring.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

On Friday I saw my oncologist.  She reviewed my recent CT scan, and all of the suspicious spots from my first PET scan were normal-looking.  When I didn't react, she said, "To be clear, this is the best possible outcome."  But I refuse to be too happy.  The mastectomy pathology report is the definitive measure.

And now, a serious question: if you only have 4-6 eyelashes left, should you still wear mascara?  Maybe I should pluck the last few for the sake of symmetry.  I tried applying fake eyelashes the other day, and for some reason the adhesive glue is black (why?!), so I ended up with black glue all over my face, and the lashes were still in the wrong place.  I wiped it all off and lined my eyes with a black pencil instead.  Without eyeliner and brow pencil, I really do look like a cancer patient.  I draw something on while I'm still half-asleep in the morning so I won't scare the children.  Then I redo it after I've had coffee.  When I leave the house and see women everywhere with effortless eyebrows and eyelashes, I want to punch them in the face.  Not really.  Just a little bit.  Cancer definitely messes with your self-esteem.  Julia told me my wig looks like straw, and it actually bothered me.  (Later she told a mom at school, "You have white stripes in your hair."  And then I felt better.)

Speaking of hair, my mother-in-law was inspired by my post about the Magic Yarn Project and sent wigs for the whole family.  I feel a Disney-themed Christmas card coming on!

One more to go.



  1. I'm so excited to be there with you for your last one!!!! I may just have something in tow to help with your brows and lashes!! Love ya!

  2. Those wigs are amazing. Jeff has never looked better!

  3. These wigs are incredible! You make a beautiful Belle. :)


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