Chemo #14

It's almost summer in Austin.  The season we all dread.  When you can't walk to the mailbox without breaking into a sweat.  That's bad news for those of us with faux hair.  If you sweat while wearing a wig, you have to soak the wig overnight in a Tupperware container filled with water and shampoo, repeat with conditioner, and then hang to air dry.  The whole process takes two days.

I have yet to find the perfect non-wig head covering.  I like my winter hats, but I look ridiculous wearing them when it's hot outside.  I bought this light summer hat and Jeff told me I looked like a fortune teller.  (Returned!)  Scarves are hard to tie and never look quite right.  They are either too tight or too baggy or the rosette knot falls out.  I have not been brave enough to go out in public bald, because I don't like attention and I don't want everyone thinking, "Oh shit, that lady has cancer."  I guess people are also thinking that when I wear a "cancer scarf," as Jeff calls them.  I asked a friend for fashion advice regarding head scarves, and she told me, "Just wear a cool pair of sunglasses."

This is me at 7am this morning.  Am I a "lady with cancer" on her way to chemotherapy?  Or have I been up all night partying and dancing at the club and this scarf is covering up my sweaty hair?  ...  Who can say?

I'm still having nail problems.  My fingernails are sore so I'm trying not to use them.  Please don't ask me to open anything.  Or wash any dishes.  Or separate any tiny Legos.  Claire put a sticker on the center console of my car, and now it will be there forever because I can't scrape it off.  Yesterday I had a manicure party with Julia and Claire and covered up my discolored thumb nails with confetti polish.  Of course, the nurse just informed me that I shouldn't be wearing nail polish.  It was fun while it lasted.

Jeff sent me a NYT article about CBD oil reducing the side effects from Taxol, so now I'm taking CBD oil twice a day.  Fingernails crossed!

Two more to go.


  1. Why not try a hijab? No, seriously. They can be quite stylish. I think they'd be loose and flowy enough to disguise the fact that there is no hair underneath, if that's what you want. Would keep that hellish Texas sun off of you too.

    1. Probably for the same reason I don't wear a kilt. Because even though it is technically perfectly acceptable, and most people won't comment on it, you're still going to get people staring. Is she "lady with cancer" or someone with an understanding of clothing so foreign to the local norms?

    2. How about a hijab and matching kilt. Do they make Tartan hijabs?

    3. Are hijabs really that foreign in Austin? I see them regularly in Victoria. Presumably worn by Muslims, not cancer patients, but who's going to ask?

  2. I call them "cancer scarves" because that's what they're sold for. Look at that Amazon link for the hat. All of the related products mention chemo. Nobody else wears them (scarves or hats). And I stand by my fortune teller description. Most scarves too. But that leopard print escapes the category. Much more Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  3. Why no nail polish? Way to rain on your parade! Love your nails! And your scarf! Can't wait to be with you on your LAST chemo session!!!! You are fighting the FUCK out of cancer with grace!!!

  4. The leopard scarf and sunglasses are awesome! Almost there!!!


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