Chemo #11

Cryotherapy fun fact of the week: you can turn the pages on a Kindle with your nose.

So I'm down to fifteen hairs where my left eyebrow used to be.  It's a bad sign if you can count the individual hairs in your eyebrow.  My right eyebrow is lush with nineteen!  Still, it's becoming more of a challenge to "fill in" my brows.  There are half-inch gaps between clumps of 2 or 3 hairs.  I watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials and ordered more eyebrow products from Sephora.  I asked Jeff his opinion on my taupe shadow eyebrow vs. my brown pencil eyebrow, and he made a bad face and said they looked the same.  Julia just said my face is "too white."  Here I am with only one drawn on.

Thank goodness Art Bra Austin will have professional make-up artists for the models.  We've already been promised glamorous false eyelashes, and I'm sure the make-up artists can wield a brow pencil better than I can.  Sadly, I won't be needing the hair stylists, unless they can do something amazing with peach fuzz.

Speaking of Art Bra, I had model school at my oncologist's office on Saturday.  (My doctor donated the space to us and sponsored our lunch.)  We talked about fundraising, media interviews, backstage tips, and walking the runway.  Our practice runway was the hallway between the waiting room and radiation.  Imagine forty-five sexy women strutting around an oncology office in stilettos.  I should always walk into treatment that way -- shoulders back, hips swaying, flirty spin in front of the nurses' station, strike a pose when I reach my IV pole.  👠😘

Five more to go.


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