Bone Scans and Bucket Lists

I got to spend the morning at ARA getting a bone density scan.  The fun never stops!  This is a baseline scan, and I'll repeat it every year to check for osteoporosis.  Aromatase inhibitors increase bone loss, and I'll be on them for a decade.  Not to mention I'm going through menopause 13 years early (52 is the typical age of menopause in my family).  It's a good thing I love yogurt and cottage cheese. 

I was supposed to have a CT scan as well, but my insurance company failed to get the preauthorization set up in time.  I told them not to worry.  I wouldn't want to get all my scans done in one day.  I need something to look forward to later in the week.

Anyway, medical waiting rooms are a great place to work on your bucket list.  You always leave with a strong desire to go out and live your life.  A couple months ago, I had dinner with a friend who told me that my cancer diagnosis had inspired her to write a bucket list.  I asked her what was on it, and she pulled a lengthy list out of her purse.  Apparently I am changing people's lives!

I have a bucket list too, of course.  (Making lists is one of my favorite hobbies.)  And in fact, I just checked off an item on Friday: hiking Enchanted Rock.  Native Americans thought the rock had magical powers.  Hopefully it heals cancer.

Below is my current Bucket List, although I find it's always changing.  Any ideas for things to add? 

  • Take Julia to NYC
  • Go back to London and revisit my old hangouts; visit my friend in Spain
  • Another trip with Jeff's and my extended family (Costa Rica?)
  • Nature-focused trip (Montana, Jasper/Banff, National Parks, Alaska)
  • Take Julia and Claire camping
  • More girls' trips (Charleston or Portland?)  
  • Trips when my kids are older: Japan, South Africa, Peru/Argentina/Chile
  • Finish my essay about surrogacy
  • Publish a book of essays
  • Write an early chapter book in collaboration with Julia
Memory Keeping
  • Take more video
  • Make sure I'm in more photos
  • Finish Claire's 5-year memory journal
  • Make a giant alcohol-ink painting for our living room
  • Model in Art Bra (only 6 weeks to go!)
  • YSC's Tour de Pink?
  • Try wakeboarding (since kiteboarding is too intense)
  • Try skiing before I have thin bones that are likely to fracture
  • Get my first tattoo
  • Volunteer for children with cancer (take wish list donations?)


  1. Vancouver Island is full of amazing camping spots!! Maybe add move to Canada onto your list?

  2. For your trip to South America, I highly recommend Machu Picchu as a must-see. I don't have an official bucket list, but if I did, MP would surely have been near the top. It did not disappoint. And I'd recommend snowboarding over skiing. More fun, and less risk of breaking a leg.

  3. The Native Americans probably thought it was less magical when Captain Hays held off a Comanche army with his handful of troops by picking them off from the top of the rock. Great visibility. I was planning my defenses the entire hike.

    It was a cool spot. A giant granite dome jutting out of the otherwise-boring hill country. A sad shortage of geology information on tourist plaques, but I'm sure it has a great story.

    I think I'm done my bucket list already. It was mostly eating chocolate. And hiking Enchanted Rock.

    1. Maybe add "create a bucket list" to your bucket list?


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