Radiation #33: LAST ONE!

Jeff didn't think my last day of radiation was a big deal, but that's because he only had to go to 2 out of 33.  I'm tired of planning my day around a medical appointment.  I wouldn't recommend scheduling 30+ medical appointments on consecutive business days -- it gets annoying pretty quickly.

On the way out, the radiation technician threw confetti at me.  I also got a fancy new skin cream, and I was instructed to moisturize the area for the rest of my life because my oil glands have been permanently fried.  Then I got to wait over an hour for my monthly Lupron injection.  It felt a bit anti-climactic.  "Congratulations, you're done!  (Confetti toss!)  Now if you'll have a seat in the waiting room...."

When I got home, I took a better picture with Julia's sign that she made for me.  And yes, my end-of-radiation decorations are in a dark corner under the stairs.  The good spots in our house are all decorated for Halloween, and I didn't want a creepy skeleton in the background of my cancer celebration.

Tonight I'm meeting up with my breast cancer buddies.  All three of us recently finished chemotherapy/mastectomy/radiation, and we have the same breast surgeon and plastic surgeon.  And we all have preschool-aged daughters.  So we get together and have one glass of wine and then get really tired and go home early.  It's perfect.

Next up in my treatment plan: proton therapy!  If they ever call me back to schedule...


  1. Whatever. Radiation is easy. "Please lay still. Okay, you're done." I agree being on time (mostly) for 33 appointments in impressive. It's a testament to one's ability to plan well for traffic. Have some confetti!

    She's not exaggerating on the oil glands. Apparently they are all just dead, never to oil again. I like when they put in little surprise tidbits like that at the end of treatment.

    The proton therapy people better step up their game. We're still waiting for any information about when and for how long.

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  3. Congratulations, Jami! Getting out of the house 33 days in a row seems like a huge accomplishment to me. I like what you've done with your hair, btw.

    Have you looked into getting your proton therapy in Cape Town? Maybe you'll be able to get in sooner. I hear they have good plastic surgeons there too. (Congrats on your first spam comment!)

    1. Thank you! I decided to leave the spam comment as an indicator of a successful blog.


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