Radiation #21

My radiologist is switching it up this week.  In lieu of my comprehensive 15-minute treatment, I'm getting a quick 30-second boost to my scar tissue (a common site of recurrence).  Meanwhile, the rest of my skin gets a chance to recover.  At the moment, it's itchy and red.  You don't realize how many v-neck shirts you own until you have an ugly rash on your chest.

Now that I have short hair and I'm wearing a rotation of the same four crewneck shirts, I think I look like Jeff with earrings.

My usual clothes suddenly feel very masculine.  I might have to start wearing dresses.  Why, God why?!

Claire accidentally stepped on my foot and ripped off most of my big toenail on the way into preschool this morning, so I don't see any strappy sandals in my future.  (Also, I was unable to find the toenail and now I'm terrified that it was stuck to her shoe and was later discovered during circle time.)

Maybe I'd be better off wearing military boots and camo and pretending I'm Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road.  Bad ass!


  1. Good morning, while we have never met, I know your dad and have been asking about your progress through this tough time. I know firsthand what you are facing as my wife battled breast cancer in 2010 and your diagnosis almost reads like hers. In today's medical world, there is light at the end of the tunnel so stand tough. We are thinking and praying for you and may God Bless you.
    Rose & Dennis Compton


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