Radiation #17: Halfway

I've now completed 17 out of 33 rounds.  My skin is slightly pink but otherwise fine.  All of my bras and shirts are coated in calendula cream.  It's so thick and sticky that it doesn't come off in the washing machine.  My end-of-radiation party will include a fun game where everyone gets to scrub my clothes with a laundry brush.

I've almost entirely stopped wearing wigs.  Every day I come out to a new group: Claire's preschool teachers, the moms at gymnastics, everyone at the bus stop.  Someone told me I looked like Winona Ryder.  Someone else said, "Well at least you have a nicely shaped head."  And multiple people have told me, "You can totally pull it off!  I never could."  (Yeah, that's what I used to say.)  I went to a hair salon for guidance and said to the stylist, "So what can you do for me?  Make me beautiful!"  She told me to go buy some lipstick and gave me a $10 neck trim.

I didn't buy any lipstick, but I did buy myself a neon pink sweatband.  My mom and I teamed up for the SUP It Up paddle boarding and kayaking event benefitting BCRC, and everyone on the water was decked out in pink.  Jeff and Julia and Claire cheered us on from the pedestrian bridge overlooking the lake.  Four miles sounded kind of intense, but we didn't even break a sweat.  My sweatband is pristine!  (I'll have to put it on the next time I'm having a hot flash.)