Vacation, MRI results, and Pre-Op

Nine days without any medical appointments!  That's a record.  We took a family vacation to Victoria, Canada to visit my in-laws.  We enjoyed the cooler weather, beautiful hikes, a fancy afternoon tea at the Empress, and hanging with my adorable baby nephew.  Of course on any trip, you have to take the bad with the good.  We managed to lose a wallet, a car key, a car seat, and a "lucky" rock (some of which were eventually recovered), I cracked my iPhone screen, and Claire's front tooth turned gray due to a recent collision with a marble coffee table.

We arrived back home in Austin on Sunday night at 1am.  I turned off airplane mode for the first time in over a week and had 11 medical-related voicemails.  And just like that, my respite was over.

Early Monday morning, I met with my breast surgeon, who warned me that she may remove a small amount of chest muscle since one of the masses was pressing against my chest wall.  She examined my level III lymph nodes with ultrasound and didn't see anything.  (Levels I and II will be removed during mastectomy.)

I also met with my oncologist on Monday.  She read my MRI report to me, and it was full of positive-sounding phrases like "Mass resolved."  The largest mass shrank from 4cm to 0.5cm.  Dr. P. gave me not one, but two enthusiastic high-fives.  Then she immediately pointed out my serious risk for metastatic disease due to the possibility of microscopic cancer cells left behind in those suspicious-looking lymph nodes that I started out with.  Depending on the mastectomy pathology report, she may send me to Dallas for proton therapy in one of those spots.  Take the bad with the good, I guess.

My blood work looks great, and I feel fine other than being tired, although I can't remember how tired I was before cancer.  If anyone accidentally bumps my big toenail on my right foot, I scream like they've just plunged a knife into my foot, so sometimes I walk around the house with a makeshift bandage on my big toe.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled for my nipple delay surgery and biopsy.  This morning I had a lengthy pre-op appointment at the hospital that amounted to a whole lot of paperwork.  The nurse gave me antibacterial soap and advised me to wash my towels.  How did she know I was super behind on laundry?  My art bra that Jeff purchased was delivered today, so I get to wear it one more time before I'm covered in bandages and scars.  I don't have plans to go anywhere tonight (surgery tomorrow), so I'll just put it on while I clean the kitchen and make lunches.  Designer bra on top, sweatpants on the bottom.  That's how I roll.


  1. Pictures of bra and sweats combo! Still traveling but thinking of you and hoping this first surgery goes well!


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