Art Bra!

On Saturday, I modeled in Art Bra Austin (along with 45 other breast cancer survivors) to raise money for the Breast Cancer Resource Center.  The event was held at the JW Marriott, and over 800 tickets were sold. 

The models arrived at 11am and I didn't walk the runway until 10pm, so I spent almost eleven hours waiting in the model/volunteer room.  We had one practice walk on the runway, and students from a local beauty school did our makeup.  Each model had a "look" sheet that included hair and makeup styling.  My makeup was rejected twice for not being bright enough, so the makeup artist finally broke out some blue craft glitter from Michaels.  The hair stylists gave my wig a bang trim and commented on the crappy construction.  Thank you Amazon!

We did have a TV screen in the model room, so we were able to watch the event.  I have a strange sore spot on my back that I'm convinced is cancer but is probably the result of standing around in high heels for so long.

Finally it was time for my 45 seconds of fame.  It was absolutely terrifying.  I remember bright lights but nothing else.  Did I smile?  Did I rush?  Did I remember to pose?  I have no idea.  I also didn't hear a single word the host said about me.  I assume it was all good things.

When I turned around and started walking back, I caught a glimpse of my giant face on the Jumbotron, and I'm pretty sure I grimaced.

After the live-auction models went, we did a final runway walk and posed on stage for a group picture.

Then we had 15 minutes to go into the crowd and see our friends and family.  Hi friends and family!

In July, BCRC throws a party with the models and the bra designers and the bidders who purchased the bras.  Jeff purchased my bra in the silent auction.  He's so sweet.  (Plus he likes to win.)  That means I'll get to wear my bra out again before my mastectomy.  Too bad I didn't get to keep the skirt.  That fringe was fun.  My "spikes" were made out of zip-ties.  The costume designers are skilled at making things look expensive. 

BCRC ended up raising almost $700,000 that night.  Thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraising page!


  1. I had no doubt that you would slay and you did!!!! You looked amazing and I'm so proud of you for putting yourself out there like that! And yay for Jeff winning the bra!!!


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