Nipple Delay Surgery

First surgery done!  This was an easy outpatient surgery.  My breast surgeon made an incision designed to increase blood supply to the nipple in preparation for nipple-sparing mastectomy.  She also did a biopsy behind the nipple to make sure the surrounding tissue is cancer-free.  Everything went well, except for a failed IV attempt.  The first nurse blamed my "tough skin" and had to bring in Linda, who is the expert at placing IVs.  From now on I will demand Linda from the start.

Jeff had fun playing video games in the waiting room.  I think he was disappointed that surgery only lasted an hour.  I was in recovery for thirty minutes and now I'm back home, instructing my mom on how to make the perfect oat milk latte.  The most difficult part of recovery will be constantly reminding Claire not to jump on me or elbow me in the chest.  I need a plastic bubble that I can wear around my children.


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