Head Trauma and Thanksgiving

In response to my last blog post, my friend's husband remarked that I was "done."  And my friend responded, "No.  Just wait.  Something weird will happen."  That night, I tripped over my wedge pillow on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and fell backwards into my vanity table.  Jeff's snore app captured the sound of my head smashing into the vanity.  I'm pretty sure I gave myself a mild concussion, although I never lost consciousness.  I probably should've gotten checked out by a medical professional, but I didn't want to be the old lady at the sports clinic who fell going to the bathroom after surgery, so I lay in the dark for 24 hours and had Jeff monitor me for signs of a subdural hematoma.  

If we were playing a game of malady bingo, I totally would've won with "shattered bone, medical malpractice, infertility, cancer, concussion."  If I hit the middle square (coronavirus), I'll have gotten "Bingo" twice!

Head injury aside, my recovery from surgery has gone smoothly, although perhaps I wasn't mentally prepared to be in recovery again.  One step forward, two steps back.  

I haven't been allowed to exercise, so Thanksgiving break involved a lot of eating and drinking and nothing else.  Silver lining: I perfected my white margarita recipe, complete with frozen cranberry ice cubes.  

Julia had nine days off from school to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Don't ask me why.  We've already watched every Christmas movie and put up every Christmas decoration.  My anxiety propels me to try to control my world, so I also finished my Christmas shopping.  Hey, don't hate on your overachieving friends!  It's a coping mechanism.  If I'm wrapping presents in November, consider it a cry for help. 

Being "done" with cancer is a tricky transition.  I find myself waiting for my next health crisis.  Shoutout to all my fellow hypochondriacs!  Wait, are you still considered a hypochondriac if you're always right?  

Anyway, I did feel grateful that nothing is seriously wrong with my health this year.  I even wrote it down on a little card, so you know it's true.  

Yup, everything is fine.  2021 is going to be great!