Halloween & Last Lupron

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween.  The girls did socially distant trick-or-treating only to houses with outdoor setups.  

After eating way too many Reeses cups, we woke up to a new month and a new time (daylight savings).  The next thing on my calendar is my oophorectomy surgery on the 12th.  Should be easy compared to flap reconstruction.  The surgery is laparoscopic and takes about ten minutes, and I go home the same day.  I get to do a mild bowel prep beforehand.  I feel like you're not really over-the-hill until you do your first bowel prep.  After this, I can officially say I'm in my forties!       

Since I won't need ovary suppression medication anymore, that means October 14th was my last Lupron shot and hopefully the last time I ever sit in the infusion room.  I finally got to say "Thanks!  Have a nice life!" to my chemotherapy nurses.  It's such a strange feeling to clear my calendar of those appointments.  How will I keep track of the months without that shot-in-the-butt every 28 days?  

With my medical appointments dwindling, I plan on posting less frequently after this last surgery.  Ideally, this cancer blog will fade away and I'll move on with my life.  I do have other writing goals.  After four years of being stuck on a terrible first draft, I'm finally in the final revision stage of my surrogacy essay!  

Besides, after almost two years, I don't really have anything left to say about cancer...  

Ha!  Just kidding.  Cancer is the gift that keeps on giving.  For example, I've been having mild tinnitus for a couple months.  I got my hearing tested, and everything is fine.  It could be caused by menopause or TMJ.  Chemotherapy can also cause tinnitus.  According to an article in a medical journal, there have been five cases of tinnitus resulting from metastatic breast cancer.  So naturally I assume I'm the sixth.   

Anyway, stay tuned for my next post.  It'll be my 100th post and I'll be doing a special look back on this fun-filled journey!