COVID-19 & Art Bra 2020

It's spring break in Austin, and everyone is stuck at home due to COVID-19.  We have no idea when schools will re-open.  I've been housebound with my children for one day, and I'm already losing my mind.  I spent an hour coming up with a scavenger hunt that they finished in five minutes.  All of the fun events are canceled: SXSW, Rodeo Austin, Saint Patrick's Day, the Kite Festival, sporting events, concerts.  I even had to cancel Claire's birthday party, but I gave her all two dozen cupcakes, so she was happy. 

Speaking of fun events, Art Bra Austin is coming up on June 6th!  I've been assured that Art Bra will happen and that there are back-up plans in case COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc.  Art Bra is the main fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Resource Center.  Last year I was proud to model in the runway show, which raised a record-breaking $682,000.  This year is the 25th anniversary of BCRC, so the show will be bigger and better than ever.  It was a tough year for model applications because they decided to bring back legacy models as well, but I'm happy to share that I was selected to be one of this year's models.

There were a lot of new faces at Model Info Night -- a sad reminder of how many women have walked through BCRC's door since I was diagnosed in January 2019.  I was shocked to run into Claire's gymnastics coach at the meeting.  I had no idea she had been battling breast cancer.  For some reason, I assumed that if you were in your thirties and could do a perfect back handspring, you were somehow immune to breast cancer.  Apparently not.  It's both inspiring and depressing to sit in a room with 70 breast cancer survivors of all shapes and sizes, many of whom have young children.  It's a strange sisterhood that no one wanted to join.  With our matching chemo port scars, we're like a hell-raising, fundraising girl gang. 

Speaking of fundraising, are you wondering what to do with all the money you're about to save on airfare and sporting events and music concerts and festivals?  How about supporting women in Austin who are battling breast cancer?  The only thing worse than a coronavirus pandemic is going through chemotherapy during a coronavirus pandemic. 

Please check out my fundraising page!