Nesting & Planning Before DIEP Flap Surgery

Dr. W (my local plastic surgeon) has promised me a DIEP flap surgery date of March 24th, with or without the Houston surgeon.  One of Dr. W's partners can fill in as the second surgeon if necessary.  I don't feel great about having TBD listed as one of my surgeons.  I hope everyone understands that I need sufficient time to stalk my surgeon online and check the malpractice claims database.  Anyway, at least the date is set in stone.  I rented a lift recliner to be delivered on March 23rd, and my parents booked a flight to Austin so they can help out.

As part of my pre-surgical nesting, I've been organizing and beautifying our house.  I painted an alcohol ink abstract on a giant piece of clayboard and hung it in our living room.  I've titled it: "Better Than An Empty Wall?"  I've created most of the art in our house, and I'm not even an artist.  I'm just a master of writing procrastination.

I also purchased a giant leopard plant and repotted it in one of our empty containers.  I made a spectacular mess and there may have been some screaming and throwing of gardening gloves.  Claire patted me on the shoulder and said "Calm down Mommy.  You're a great gardener."  Finally, someone in this family who will lie to me to make me feel better!

A few days later, our kitchen cabinets started to fall off the wall, so now our glassware is living on the kitchen counter.  One step forward, two steps back.

We're also putting artificial turf in our muddy side yard.  Jeff's been agonizing over the samples for weeks, caressing them and milling around on them and examining them in different lighting.  I hope I'm still alive when he finally decides.

In addition to working on the house, I've been planning for Claire's birthday next month.  And spring break.  And Easter.  And Julia's birthday in May.  Have you seen the episode of "The Big C" where Laura Linney deals with cancer by filling a storage locker with gifts for her son for all of his future birthdays?  Yeah, that's me.  I have a whole closet with little piles organized by holiday.

I also had time to throw a Mardi Gras celebration for Julia and her friends.  They didn't know what Mardi Gras was, but I still threw beads at them and fed them King Cake.

Oh, and Jeff and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  He got me two dozen black magic roses (inspired by my wedding bouquet) and I got him a foot file so that he'd stop using mine.  I purposely got him a crappy gift because I wanted him to have the win and feel good about himself.  I'm such a good wife.

That same weekend, I made the whole family go to a stargazing event at Enchanted Rock.  Everyone was lying down studying the constellations, and Claire was running wild and yelling, "Who is Orion?!"  The highlight was that Julia and I saw a shooting star.  But I forgot to make a wish!  Maybe Julia remembered to wish for my good health instead of a real unicorn or a lifetime supply of chocolate.  (I would also accept the chocolate.)


  1. Great Mardi Gras party! Mediocre cake. Great flowers! Mediocre plant. Art!

    The cabinets are now mostly fixed, and the turf has been chosen. The turf guy doesn't seem to be answering my emails, however, so maybe *he* died while waiting for me to decide. She didn't even mention the whole fence replacement job we're planning. So much home improvement!

  2. That's a pretty nice painting.


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