Radiation: Day One

One down, 32 to go.  I thought I only needed 30 treatments, but apparently 33 is the magic number.  At the Young Survival Coalition conference, I met a woman who wore a different shade of lipstick to every round of radiation.  I'm not as creative, so I made a paper chain countdown.

The day before my first treatment, we did a dry run and the radiologist had me practice holding my breath.  During radiation, you are repeatedly instructed to take a deep breath and hold it.  At first, my deep breaths were too deep, and then they weren't deep enough.  I think we eventually sorted it out.  Worst case, my vital organs will be irreparably damaged.

The actual radiation appointment only lasted about 15 minutes.  I have two Vaseline-like prescription creams that I have to apply in order to minimize skin reactions.  Don't worry, no one will notice the sticky residue on my shirt because I have constant menopausal hot flashes that leave me covered in sweat.  I had hot flashes when I first started chemo, but they're worse than ever since that Lupron injection.  Silver lining: it's 1,000 degrees in Austin in August, so no one finds it unusual when I start sweating profusely.  Jeff bought me an Embr Wave bracelet that is supposed to cool your body down with the press of a button.  Some women get flowers; I get nerdy technology gifts.

The radiology nurse mentioned that I may want to avoid wearing a bra during radiation.  I responded with a look of horror.  In case it comes to that, I bought a lift up adhesive silicone cup to wear on my droopy, non-cancerous side.  Only 7 or 8 months until I'm symmetrical again.  (Happy 40th Birthday to me!)

My big toenail finally tore near the bottom.  I've been taping it down because I don't have the guts to rip it off.  I figure it'll grow out in a year or two.  Alexa, add "toenail tape in bulk" to my shopping list.


  1. Your husband sounds perfect. I bet every woman wishes she could have a supportive, loving man like that, providing practical technology gifts to make your life better. He probably even washes the dishes sometimes. You should treat him really well.

  2. Hmmm ..... that comment from Anonymous seems very complimentary toward a certain husband. I suspect something ........

    Anyway, you are looking great Jami. I really appreciate reading your blog and laughing wickedly at your strange warped sense of humour. Or would that be humor?

    May those paper chain links disappear like magic!


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