My "Good" Arm

Back in January, I went to see an orthopedic doctor about pain and loss of motion in my right arm (the non-cancer side).  I wish I could say that I was injured doing CrossFit or playing some kind of competitive sport, but I'm pretty sure it was the result of sleeping exclusively on my right side for months.  Yes, a sleep injury.  Getting old is the worst.  The doctor ordered imaging, and I made sure to tell him that I had a tissue expander.  I also told the doctor's assistant and the lady who checked me in for my scan.  I filled out scan paperwork that included a question about implanted medical devices, and I put a big fat checkmark next to "tissue expander."  As I was climbing onto the MRI machine, I mentioned it to the technician as well (just to be thorough), and she threw me out so fast, I barely had time to yell, "What?  It's not safe?!  Well, why didn't anyone tell me sooner?"  Later, I called and urged them to conduct a comprehensive review of their imaging safety protocol.  I'm sure they got right on that, but the lesson is that you should always be your own advocate!  On my semi-annual visits to the ER, I always give my medical history and list of current medications to everyone I encounter, including the guy who empties the trash can.  Better safe than sorry.  

Anyway, I finally got that MRI last week, and although there was evidence of injury, it's nothing serious requiring surgery.  Phew!  The doctor referred me to a physical therapist.  I've been living with it for six months, but compensating for an injury can cause other problems, so it's still a good idea to do the therapy.  

I also saw my physical therapist / lymphedema specialist for my "bad" side, and it's almost back to normal.  All that post-surgery stretching paid off.  I even started exercising again.  I got back on my spin bike and didn't realize that Julia had added a tag to my profile.  I wonder how many high fives I got for #catsclaw before I finally noticed.  I do love me some Warrior Cats.

I'm also back in the pool.  We took a one-day vacation to a local hotel to play at their water park.  It was all outdoors, and everyone was wearing masks when not in the water, so it felt safe.  This lazy river is the most excitement we've seen this summer.  Claire said it was the "best day of her life."  

Yes, I went down the waterslide.  And no, I didn't hurt myself.  It was a good day.