Back on the Surgery Calendar

Week 10 of quarantine and I haven't posted in awhile because I've forgotten how to put words together to form coherent sentences.  My conversations are pretty limited these days.  "Have you done your homework yet?"  "Who made this mess?"  "No, you can't have another popsicle!"  "Leave your sister alone!"  "Get off your iPad!" 

Everyone is suffering from quarantine fatigue.  My kids are rebelling.  Even Alexa has been acting up and not listening to me.  I tell her to set a timer and she refuses and whispers, "No one's going to eat that vegetable stir-fry anyway."

Texas is opening up, for better or worse.  I drove down Barton Springs Road and shook my head at all of the people dining on restaurant patios and crowding together in Zilker Park, most of them not wearing masks.  There is bound to be another peak coming, but for now my DIEP flap surgery is scheduled for June 9th.  Only three more weeks of yelling at my kids to stop fighting with each other, and then I get a four-day vacation in the ICU.  Assuming my surgery doesn't get canceled again.  Wear your masks, people!

Hmm, what else has happened?

We celebrated Julia's 8th birthday.  My decorations never disappoint, and I discovered that Claire is a much better assistant than Jeff.  I blew up balloon letters to spell out "Happy Birthday" and Claire patted me on the back and said encouraging things like, "You're working so hard, Mommy!  It's going to be perfect!" 

A few of her friends drove by our house, and I had to keep yelling, "Not so close!  Back away from your friend!"  Necessary but still sad. 

We've been bike riding around the neighborhood almost every day.  One of my neighbors made these cool yard signs.  I tried to get one, but he sold out almost immediately.

Jeff spends the afternoon hiding in his office, and then I hide outside and pretend to weed.  Bedtime has shifted from 8:30pm until about 11pm.  Julia has read every book ever written.  Claire and I have been playing Halloween.  (Is it October yet?  Who can say?) 

Yesterday, we put on a fabulous puppy fashion show. 

Speaking of fashion shows, Art Bra was officially canceled.  Instead of walking the runway on June 6th, I'll be at home in my pajamas, drinking wine and dressing up these stuffed dogs in little construction-paper bras.

There will be a virtual fundraising event for BCRC, so stay tuned.  And thank you to everyone who has already donated!