Post-Chemo Hair Growth Timeline

Following a cancer diagnosis, the first thing you Google after "Will I die?" is "Post-chemo hair growth."  I try not to obsess over my appearance, but hair (or a lack thereof) really does transform a person.  When I was bald, I would stare at the pictures on this blog and try to imagine myself in 6 months with a decent pixie cut.  Finally, that day has arrived!  Exactly six months ago, I had my last dose of chemotherapy.  So let's take a look at my hair timeline!     

Two months before chemo (so happy and naive!)

 During chemo (extremely bald)

1 month after chemo (yikes!)

2 months after chemo

3 months after chemo

4 months after chemo

5 months after chemo 

6 months after chemo

Why, that looks like an intentional haircut!  In fact, I've been getting a lot of compliments on my pixie cut recently.  They always say, "I love your haircut," but their voice says, "It took guts to ask for that haircut.  I admire your bravery."  

Special bonus: If I style my hair just right, I look like the Grinch.  Perfect for holiday parties!  I should pick up some green temporary hair spray.